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Dry Needling 101

1.87 usd

Want to refresh your dry needling skills? Then this is the app for you as a dry needling practitioner.Features 28 muscles handpicked for the clinician which includes following sections:- Anatomy- Trigger Point Referral Patterns- Technique Illustrations- Needle info - More than 30 videosand our specially designed system of cautions the VANJOG system.
* Requires internet access * The app has been tested on several devices but not on all. If you experience a problem and wan’t a refund, remember to do so within 48 hours and read googles terms. Otherwise please contact us.
This material is intended for health care professionals who are licensed to provide dry needling to their patients. Individuals using these techniques do so at their own risk. The producers of this application accept no responsibility for injury caused directly or indirectly due incorrect or inappropriate application of techniques demonstrated.